Life in the middle isn't easy.

It's pressure from above and stress from below. It's doing the job while also making sure other people do the job. It's managing without management training, leading without leadership development, and implementing changes in strategy without enough information about the bigger picture. 

In American organizations—very likely including yours—middle managers directly supervise nearly 80% of the workforce. They are the ones who engage, motivate, and direct all the line workers, line supervisors, programmers, engineers, bench scientists, designers, customer service reps, equipment operators, administrative staff, paralegals, clerks, tech support people--everyone who is responsible for carrying out the strategy on the ground.

When a new strategy is rolled out, it is the middle managers who have to make sure it gets implemented—on time, on budget, and on top of everything else on their plate.

Business success, profitability, and flexibility in a fast-change world all depend on middle managers. If they are under-performing, it costs your organization plenty—in downtime, delays, inefficiencies, employee disengagement, and turnover... lots of expensive turnover.

With all this riding on the backs of middle managers, why does your organization provide coaching only for senior leaders?

Your organization’s power is in the middle. Put your coaching resources there, too. Power in the Middle provides the tools and support your middle managers need, at an affordable price.

Power in the Middle provides an affordable coaching program designed especially for middle managers—whether they are Millennials or mid-career managers. Through our structured coaching program, your organization’s supervisors, managers, and directors will receive:

PITM Chalk_Individual and Group Coaching.png

Group Coaching

that fosters cross-functional collaboration and peer support 

PITM Chalk_Needs Assessment.png

One-on-One Coaching

that provides individual guidance and targeted skill-building in areas such as communication, planning, staff-development, and resilience in the face of continuous change

PITM Chalk_Team Coaching.png

Peer Coaching Training and Practice

that builds and sustains your managers’ new skills, so they can more effectively support each other and their teams

A Structure

that ensures the coaching is on-track and effectively building real skills and durable behavioral change