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"Etta was highly effective in helping me chart a new course through a career change. She quickly helped me clarify my strengths, goals, values, and work style so that together we could identify a wide range of possibilities. Equally important, she helped me overcome a fear of change. Her insights and perceptions have opened new doors, putting me in a place where I now have several viable, realistic options, and I can move forward with optimism and enthusiasm."

Dawn, Writer and Book Editor
New Jersey

“'Who do I want to be when I grow up?' That was the conundrum I faced in my career path and I realized I needed assistance to focus, define and find the answer.

Etta has been pivotal in helping me find that answer. The tools and objectivity she brings have greatly honed my focus and thought process. More importantly, I feel like I am moving forward again towards a goal that I am energized and happy with; rather than treading water in the same spot wondering in which direction to swim.

Etta has been an invaluable resource for me. Whether you want to move up in your career or perform better on the path you are on, I would highly recommend Etta."

Mike, Creative Director
Greater Boston

“Etta was great at giving lots of feedback in a positive and constructive way. A lot of what she did, was validate what I already knew, which gave me the confidence to move forward with action steps I would have otherwise been tentative about executing. I learned that 360 degree evaluations have a lot of value, a self-care plan is just as important as a work plan, and that my emotions have a huge impact on my colleagues and employees."

Jenny, Non-profit Director
Greater Boston

"I was stuck, so unsure of what to do to change my situation, and Etta helped immensely. By leading me through a set of visual and mental exercises, Etta helped me identify the exact problem, and worked with me to develop tools to deal with it. Since then, I've found a renewed sense of purpose and strength to make changes for the better."

Alex, Project Manager
Greater Boston

“Thank you so much for that aha. It is so important to keep reminding ourselves that we are the driving force in our lives. It is so easy (incredibly) to fall into victimhood. As a coach, It is so easy to spend all your time and energy on other people’s careers that you forget about your own.

I appreciate how inspired I feel after speaking with Etta – although I have been coaching for a while and fall into traps a lot, Etta’s enthusiasm is contagious! 

Etta has a special magic for sure!"

Diane, Leadership Coach
Greater Boston Area

"My friend gave me Etta as a contact because I was in a difficult place in my work and personal life. Etta helped me become aware of the "noise" that was around me which helped me clear the way to a better path. She listens intently, asked the right questions with no judgement. When I would pose a question back to her, she would answer in a way that would make me think about my question which helped me think more about what I wanted for myself. I am very grateful to have been able to work with Etta and have her coach me. If in the future I need assistance again, she will be the first person I call. I would recommend Etta to anyone who needs an objective perspective that is not judgmental but has a lot of experience to offer. "

Joyce, Operations Manager of Business Analysts
Greater Boston

“I am who I am today, thanks to Etta Jacobs. I reported directly to her, and had never managed people before. It was Etta’s coaching that influenced how I manage today. She not only guided me (and other managers) through challenging situations, but she always highlighted the important lessons. 

She was very courageous. This was not something that came easily for me, as I was a bit more timid. Public speaking for example, was not my forte, and Etta was key to my becoming more confident in making presentations. She helped me break through my fears! 

Etta was a strong advocate for design. I learned from Etta, to speak up in a way that is not overpowering or insulting, but respectful and clear—to not give up, but find creative ways to push things forward. Here is the quote from Etta that I’ll never forget: “It’s when times are hardest, that we need to be kindest to one another”. 

At some challenging points in my life, Etta brought clarity, when I could not see what was right in front of my face. I love the advice Etta gives, because it always comes with a story. She can be very humorous, which makes you feel even more comfortable. In Etta’s eyes, there is always a bright side. She was always the first person I would want to talk to when I had an issue. Her compassion and her attention to our needs was something that I am not sure everyone experiences with their bosses. I couldn’t be more grateful for all she did for us."

Christina, Design Manager
Montreal, Canada
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"I had the good fortune to work with Etta while in a tough professional situation, where I’d lost a good deal of faith in my motivation and competence. Working with Etta was a ‘centering’ experience for me, helping me to reconnect with what makes me effective, to build skills and strength to manage my environment better, and ultimately to commit to a major professional shift. 

I’m extremely grateful for Etta’s coaching - always warm and truly engaged, and with just the right amount of challenging me with questions to help me move my thinking and action forward. Thank you, Etta!"

Jessica, Senior Non-Profit Leader
Greater Boston



Etta has a great way of championing me and others. I always end up feeling more magnificent and wonderful than when I started a conversation with her. I’ve come to count on it from our interactions, knowing that if I have an idea that feels a little out there that she will be there, listening to what I have to say and genuinely enjoying what I bring to the conversation. I find it easy to internalize her compliments, too, because she hits such true places inside of me
— Heather, Co-Active Coach, Atlanta